Doctor-Lector (phd_paul_lector) wrote,

Колонка автора: Ringing in 2008

What are your New Year's Eve plans?

1) Buy fresh salmon
2) Prepare salmon tartar and salmon carpaccio
3) Filter and decanter a bottle of homemede horseraddish vodka
4) Write a number of e-mails
5) Drink sparkling whine at 12, get horseraddish vodka and wine from the balcony
6) Eat salmon (see (1-3))
7) Go to bed
8) Curse fireworks freaks
9) Get up at 11, start working at 1 or 2PM

I do not like the New Year. All those new year tree decorations are now counterfake: they sparkle and dingle all right but they're no fun any longer
Tags: writer's block, не 2008, праздники

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